Margaret Mitchell: Biography

Margaret Mitchell

08 nov 1900

Born as Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell at Atlanta, Georgia, her fans know her as Margaret Mitchell. Margaret was born in a wealthy, politically acclaimed family. Her father Eugene Muse Mitchell was an attorney and her mother Mary Isabel Stephens, a suffragist. Margaret, a highly praised American Author got great fame through her novel “Gone with the Wind”.

As a kid, Margaret used to recite stories to her mother. She wrote hundreds of books as a child. Margaret admired the plays written by William Shakespeare and novels of Charles Dickens and Sir Walter Scott. In School, she wrote plays on her own, directed and acted in them.

Margaret’s first marriage lasted for only four months. The very same year, she got a job as journalist in the Atlanta Sunday Magazine. Margaret wrote 130 articles as part of her job. She was unable to continue her job due to the difficulties she faced due to a broken ankle.

Margaret started to lead a good life after marrying John Robert Marsh. Since the ankle problem made her to sit at home, she utilised the oppurtunity to write a novel by name ‘Gone with the Wind’, a romantic novel about Civil War. This novel got published in 1936 and Margaret became an instant celebrity. The novel won the ‘National Book Award for Most Distinguished Novel’ and ‘Pulitzer Prize for fiction’. More than 30 million copies were sold worldwide and it got translated into 27 languages.

Three years after the release of the book, the novel was made into a movie which came to be a classic hit of all times winning 10 Oscars. The success and fame that the novel got was unbelievable considering the period of its release.

Unfortunately this was Margaret’s only novel. She was unable to create another history since she was dedicating most of her time for the American Red Cross. Sadly Margaret got struck by a car and died on 11th Aug 1949. Margaret Mitchell was a remembered member of Georgia Women of Achievement and Georgia Writers Hall of Fame.