Maya Angelou: Biography

Maya Angelou

04 apr 1928

Maya Angelou was an African American author and civil right activist. She has suffered and struggled throughout her life for being an African American. Her struggles are clearly reflected in her essays, autobiographical books such as I know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969) and All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes. Her writings inspired by her struggle as an African American has inspired several movies and TV shows as well. As an acknowledgement of her literary services she received more than 50 honorary degrees along with several awards.

Maya Angelou’s life has been a turbulent one with little academic background. However, the brilliance and excellence of her writing ability is clearly evident in her books. Her autobiographic books also focus on the evolution and development of African American women of 20th centuries.

As she deals with her undecided emotions about Africa, Angelou additionally reconsiders her part as mother. At the start of All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes, Angelou's boy died in an accident. Later in the narrative she creates an association with a more established lady and battles to increase induction to the University of Ghana. In managing all these occasions, Angelou figures out how to balance her maternal sentiments with her child's need for care and nourishment. Finally perceiving the powerful binds tying her to American soil, Angelou finishes up her narrative with a joyful journey home from Ghana and a restored feeling of way of life as an African American.