Meagan Spooner: Biography

Meagan Spooner

05 jul 1985

Meagan Spooner is the New York Times bestselling author of the Skylark Trilogy, a young adult dystopian novel that was inspired by a news piece on alternative energy sources. She also co-authored the Starbound Trilogy, a space shipwreck survival story, the first book of which won the Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel (These Broken Stars, 2013).

Meagan Spooner was introduced to science fiction and fantasy by her older sister, spent her childhood immersed in literature, and crafted stories of her own whenever she had a moment to herself. Her family’s travels brought her to the far north (Arctic Circle) and south (Antarctica) of the planet, and many places between, and she incorporates memories of these travels into her each of her stories.

A graduate from Hamilton College in New York, Meagan Spooner received a degree in playwriting in 2007 and then lived between D.C. and Australia for a few years before settling in Asheville, North Carolina. She currently (though probably not permanently) lives in Asheville with her cat and enjoys playing guitar, reading, and video games.

Although she is admittedly a lifelong Browncoat and Trekkie, and the daughter of two successful lawyers, Meagan Spooner is practical and realistic. She knows the reality that many authors face-- of having to support oneself with another job while writing during the random hours that are available. Her advice to beginning authors, which she recently recommended to an aspiring author, can be summed up in the following words, “Read a lot, write a lot, share your work, study the business, get an agent, and set goals you can control.”