Nadine Gordimer: Biography

Nadine Gordimer

20 nov 1923

A South African novelist, a short-story writer and a Nobel Prize winner – Nadine Gordimer was born on Nov 20, 1923 in a white middle class family. Nadine had an interest in reading books from a very young age and she started to write at the age of 9.

Although Nadine liked writing, she shared an equal interest in dance as well. Nadine’s illness forced her mother to withdraw her daughter from the dance classes and she was educated at home for quite some time. It was then Nadine turned her focus into writing since she was alone for most of the time. Writing became her whole world.

At the age of 15, Nadine published her first story in a magazine. Nadine attended college for one year. Apart from writing, she also taught at various schools in U.S. Nadine wrote a number of short stories. In fact, her first book, ‘Face to Face’ was a collection of her short stories.

Nadine’s novel, ‘The Conservationist’ was a joint winner of the Booker Prize. Some of her other novels include ‘Burger’s Daughter’, Jul’sy People’, ‘A Sport of Nature’, ‘My Son’s Story’ , ‘ The House Gun’, ‘The Pick Up’ and ‘Get a Life’. Most of her works revolved around exile and alienation. Her last novel ‘No Time Like the Present’ talked about the challenges in modern South Africa.

For Nadine’s contribution to literature, she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991. She was also felicitated by the French Legion of Honour Award in 2007. Nadine Gordimer passed away peacefully on July 13, 2014 leaving her precious work to this world.