Rachel Anne Marks: Biography

Rachel Anne Marks

Rachel Anne Marks is a professional artist and mother of four who has recently published her first novel. She has previously worked on cover designs for books such as Second Verse, Shelter and Just Myro as well as providing illustrations for a How To Draw Grimm’s Dark Tales guide.

Marks has written one novel so far (2015) and it has been very well-received. It is a fantasy novel called Darkeness Brutal aimed at young adult readers and tells the story of a young man living in Los Angeles, California. Aidan is fighting to protect his sister from the mysterious creatures living in the city, but he knows that he cannot do it alone. He joins forces with the team behind a reality TV show which fights demons and ghosts. Darkness Brutal is the first book in a series entitled The Dark Cycle. The second book, Darkness Fair is to be published in early 2016 and the third in late 2016.

Despite only having one novel to her name so far, she has already won several awards. She was the winner for the Codex Novel Contest in 2011 and was given the True Grit Award at the Mount Herman Writer’s Conference. She is also a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SWFA).

Rachel Anne Marks is a busy mother to four children. She is still working as a professional artist at the same time as finishing the next books in her Dark Cycle series. She is a huge fan of the Superman comics and loves to spend time by the coast.