Rhonda Riley: Biography

Rhonda Riley

Rhonda Riley is the American author of The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope. She went to the University of Florida where she studied towards an MFA in writing fiction. Whilst she was in college, Riley had a number of different pieces of writing published. She wrote poems, essays and short stories which were published in a number of different magazines. But she has said that the one story which became her first finished book, The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope, was the one story that she always wanted to write: her mother’s story.

After Riley graduated from the University of Florida, her own divorce and her brother’s death got in the way of her writing the book that she had always hoped to publish, so it was not until several years later that she actually completed the book. She committed everything to the manuscript, quitting her job to allow herself all the time she needed to get it finished. The result is a fictional account inspired by true events in her mother’s life.

The novel tells the story of Adam Hope, a soldier who has been severely injured and who is found by a woman on her farm in North Carolina. She practically has to dig him out of the ground and begins to develop a unique interest in him and a very complex relationship unravels.

Rhonda Riley currently resides in Florida with her partner, two cats and a whole host of noisy frogs.