Rita Mae Brown: Biography

Rita Mae Brown

28 nov 1944

Rita Mae Brown was born in 1944 in Hanover, Pennsylvania. She is an American author and feminist. She was born to an unmarried mother and was left at an orphanage soon after she was born. Her mother’s cousin rescued her from the orphanage and she and her husband raised Brown as if she were their own child. Brown attending the University of Florida although she was expelled before completing her studies for supporting a civil rights movement to end racial segregation. This sparked her interest in politics and marked the beginning of her career as a political activist. Rita has since participated in the anti-war movement, the feminist movement and the Gay liberation movement.

Although Brown began her writing career as a poet, her debut novel, Rubyfruit Jungle, remains her most well-known and successful novel. It was critically acclaimed for including explicit lesbian themes when very few other authors dared do so at the time. She has written 14 other novels since Rubyfruit Jungle, although none of them has gone on to enjoy quite the same level of prestige as that debut work.

Brown has also written numerous mystery novels as well as having had a successful career as a screenwriter.

Rita Mae Brown lives in Charlottesville, Virginia in a house which she bought in 1977 and where she has lived ever since. Brown is a keen foxhunter and is a master of her local Fox Hunt Club. She also enjoys playing polo and was the founder of a women-only Polo Club called Blue Ridge.