Robin McKinley: Biography

Robin McKinley

16 nov 1952

An American fantasy writer Robin McKinley was honoured with many awards for all her novels. Born on Nov 16, 1952 at Warren, Ohio, Robin was the only child for her parents. Her father’s job in the U.S Navy made her move very frequently. But she kept reading wherever she went. In fact, she inculcated the unusual habit of tracking places, keeping in mind the books that she read there. Even now she follows the same technique to remember some of the events in her life.

Robin started to write at the age of 26. Her first novel, ‘Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast’ got a publisher at the very first attempt and it was an instant success. The book was named an American Library Association Notable Children’s Book and an ALA Best Book for Young Adults.

Robin won the Newbery medal for her book ‘The Hero and the Crown’ as the year’s best new American children’s book, a Newbery Honour for ‘The Blue Sword’ and the Mythopoeic Award for the Adult Literature for her book ‘Sunshine’.

Apart from being full-time writer with 20 books for her credit, Robin has also worked as an editor and transcriber, research assistant, bookstore clerk, teacher, editorial assistant, barn manager and free-lance editor.

Originally an American, Robin has lived in England for over 25 years with her husband author Peter Dickinson. Other than writing, Robin also finds interest in gardening, walking her hellhounds, cooking, playing piano and constantly updating her blog.