Robin Stevens: Biography

Robin Stevens

15 jan 1988

Robin Stevens is an author of children’s novels and is best known for her Wells and Wong series of children’s murder stories. She was born in California, although only spent the first three years of her life there before moving to England. She spent her childhood in Oxford, and went on to attend the boarding school: Cheltenham Ladies College. She has based the setting of the first few of her Wells and Wong stories on the school she attended, drawing on her own experiences to colour the scene of boarding school life for readers.

In interviews, she talks about her love of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, and how she relished reading them when she herself was a child. These books have clearly been an influence on her Wells and Wong series of novels, which see empowered children solving mysteries without having to rely on the help of adults. The books are full of intertextual references, with allusions to Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes stories along with many, many more.

Robin Stevens attended Warwick University and has an MA in Crime Fiction. Whilst she was there, she appeared on the well-known television quiz programme University Challenge. She captained the team from Warwick but sadly they did not win their round. After graduating, Stevens worked as an editor at a London publishing house. She has since given up the day job to become a full time writer.

There are currently 5 novels in the Wells and Wong series, as well as several spin-off stories. The stories revolve around the headstrong Daisy and her sidekick Hazel, affectionately known as Watson, and their boarding school detective society. The pair of them solve murders together where adults are unable to get to the bottom of the crimes.

Stevens loves animals and always dreamed of having her own zoo. She has a pet bearded dragon whom she has named Watson after Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick.