Sabrina Paige: Biography

Sabrina Paige

Sabrina Paige is well known for her writing style, especially the detailed presentation of her sexy female characters and hot and handsome male characters. Most of her works revolve around hate-to-love relationships and Sabrina Paige excels in bringing the intimacy of her lead characters to life. Although few of her readers feel that Sabrina’s work is less focussed on the story-line, many of her fans love her style of giving life to characters.

One of Sabrina’s novels named, ‘Prince Albert’ ranked #1 on the Amazon Kindle Best Seller list during Nov 2015. Sabrina has written many books and few among them like Prick, Tool, Cannon and Luke have been Top 10 Amazon Kindle Best Sellers. Few other books such as Elias, Silas and Saving Axe have been ranked among Top 100 Best Sellers.

Many of Sabrina’s fans feel her books to be as old wine which gets better and better as the story progresses. ’Prick – A Step brother romance’, one of the famous book authored by Sabrina is about a step – sibling relationship. Although this theme is becoming quite common now-a-days in the romance world, Sabrina has given new twist and style that this book will always remain in the minds of the reader.

Sabrina Paige leads a happy life with her military husband and beautiful daughter.