Sarah Brianne: Biography

Sarah Brianne

10 jun 1992

Sarah Brianne, born in United States, she is known for her writings in contemporary and romance genre. Brianne has been a creative and fantasy driven individual since a young age. However, she gathered her courage to pen down her fantasies when she was twenty-two years old. Brianne has been very vivid and blunt about her childhood interests that developed her as a contemporary fantasy writer with romantic elements. In her brief biography, Brianne stated that she was an avid follower of any and all of the chick flicks that were released on TV or as movies. She wouldn’t miss any of them. Later she also developed her interest in romance movies, fiction and novels.

Sarah believed in true love and fantasized about how a perfect story of true lovers should be. Later she spun off her own version of perfect union of true lovers and penned down them as her first novel.

As a result of her fantasized thoughts and interests she has written her first novel trilogy by the title of Made Men. They revolve around the theme of bad boy with aspirations of becoming made men meets low-self-esteem-girl who are dragged into their world due to unfortunate circumstances. Though her books have not managed to win any title or being listed by acclaimed reading blogs and communities, yet she has an extensive fan base. The Made Men trilogy are: Nero, Vincent and Chloe. Sarah Brianne is also building herself as more established young adult writer with younger fan base.