Sheri S. Tepper: Biography

Sheri S. Tepper

16 jul 1929

Sheri Stewart Tepper is an American author greatly known for her novels of science fiction, mystery and horror novels. Sheri has used many pseudonyms including A.J.Orde, E.E.Horlak and B.J.Oliphant for her early works. She has also published her work under the name Sheri.S.Eberhart. Science fiction was considered Sheri’s strength.

Widely known to be a feminist science fiction author, Sheri was born on 16 Jul, 1929 near Littleton, Colorado. She married Gene Tepper and has two children. Sheri had passion for writing. She continued writing poetry and juvenile stories, but her time was mainly split between taking care of her kids and focussing on her job. Sheri worked in a firm named Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood until 1980’s and became it’s Executive Director.

Sheri was praised by critics for creating some of the best female characters in her novels who were strong. Her first publication was a poem named ‘Lullaby’. Her best known science fiction novels are, ‘Grass’, ‘The Gate to Woman’s Country’ and ‘Beauty’. Apart from this Sheri’s novel list includes, ‘The Waters Rising’, ‘A Plague of Angels’ and many more.

Sheri Stewart Tepper, considered by many as man- hating feminist because of the portrayal of her women characters, currently runs a guest ranch at Santa Fe in New Mexico.