Tammy Flanders Hetrick: Biography

Tammy Flanders Hetrick

Tammy Flanders Hetrick, born Tammy Lynn Flanders, is an American author from Vermont. She began writing her first novel in 2008, and finally finished the last page 6 years later. Stella Rose was published by independent publishing company She Writes Press in 2015.

Before starting to write her novel, Tammy Flanders Hetrick worked for many years as a business writer. She was heavily involved in helping women to begin, sustain and enhance their careers in business and acted as a mentor for many aspiring businesswomen. She began to write as a hobby, starting with short stories. Before she got started on her novel, pieces of her work were published in Blue Ocean Institute’s Sea Stories, Your Teen Magazine and the literary journal Route 7.

In Flanders Hetrick’s novel Stella Rose, a woman named Abby moves to Vermont in order to look after the 16 year-old daughter of her recently deceased best friend. Abby soon realises that she is not really equipped to look after a self-destructive teenager and has no idea how to help the girl through her crippling grief. Tragic circumstances throw these two women together and threaten to tear them apart immediately and irrevocably. With her background in mentoring strong women, it is unsurprising that the relationship between two headstrong and independent women is the basis for her first novel.

Tammy Flanders Hetrick lives in Vermont with Walter Hetrick, her husband of 30 years. They have a grown up son and daughter who no longer live at home, and share their house with 2 dogs and a cat.