Tana French: Biography

Tana French

Tana French was born in Vermont, USA in 1973 and spent her youthful years in USA, Italy, Malawi and Ireland because her father, as an economist, had a job that took him to different countries. In Ireland, she studied to become an actress at Trinity College, Dublin and subsequently was employed in the film and the theatre.

As a child, she liked both acting and writing and chose the theatre first but later returned to writing. She admitted being influenced by all the books she had read as a young person. Therefore, it is not surprising that she chose to write crime fiction because she was always fascinated by mysteries. Furthermore, she was an avid reader of psychological mysteries and true crime stories from the past.

Tana French published her first novel, In the Woods in 2008 and it won four major awards for crime fiction, namely, the Anthony, Barry, Edgar, and Macavity awards for best first novel. She has written a total of five novels from 2007 to 2014 with most becoming bestsellers and with Broken Harbor winning the Irish Book Award for Crime Fiction Book of the Year as well as the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Best Mystery.

She currently has about 5 million books in print and they have been translated to German while another of her novels, Faithful Place, has been translated into 20 languages.. Currently, three of her books, In the Woods, Faithful Place and The Likeness are slated to appear as a TV series. Her works are also available as audio-books.

She is regarded as a very talented crime fiction writer and her books appear as part of the Dublin Murder Squad Series. They are described as well written, spell-binding, psychological thrillers, each with a cast of brilliantly drawn characters.

She holds dual citizenship in the United States and in Ireland and lives with her husband and daughter in Dublin.