Vanessa Place: Biography

Vanessa Place

10 maj 1968

Vanessa Place is known as a poet, novelist and a lawyer and she was born in America on May 10, 1968. She did her BA at the University of Massachusetts, her MFA at Antioch University and her JD at Boston University. She worked for a time as a screen writer for TV shows like Law and Order, Hercules and Xena, Warrior Princess, among others.

Vanessa Place fuses both her writing and her art in her work and Place is considered as one of the leading writers in the conceptual poetry movement which takes already existing works and gives them new purpose. An example of this is her book, Statement of Facts, where she uses some of the briefs about rape from her work as a lawyer to create a new work of poetry.

Vanessa Place’s books are very controversial, provoking both positive as well as negative responses. Critics see her writing as complex, challenging and unconventional as in her book Dies: a sentence. Here, Place actually writes a story in verse that consists of only one very long sentence throughout the whole book.

Vanessa Place admits that she uses the violence of culture in her art and when asked about offending others, she expressed the view that some art will always offend, and that it was the role of the artist to offend at times.

Place has written nine books and co-authored, edited and translated others. She has created her own company, Vanessa Place Inc. the first poetry corporation set up to champion this art form. She is also a co-director of Figues Press.

Vanessa Place presently gives public lectures and does performances all over the world. She also writes regularly for the X-tra Art Quarterly, a publication for artists and writers.