Vi Keeland: Biography

Vi Keeland

Vi Keeland is an American romance author from New York. She is a trained lawyer and still practices as an attorney, writing bestselling novels in her spare time. In the space of just 3 years, Keeland published ten different novels which all appeared on the USA Today Bestseller list and 3 also reached the New York Times bestseller list.

Vi Keeland’s first novel was published in 2013 and she has since written and published 10 more. Her works are now being translated in to many different languages including French, Korean, Hebrew, Italian, Polish and Portuguese. As well as writing many novels alone, she has co-written three novels, Cocky Bastard, Playboy Pilot and Stuck-Up Suit, with fellow romance author Penelope Ward.

She is known for often incorporating a sporty element in her contemporary romance novels. She has written three novels in a series about MMA fighters and their romantic attachments as well as a standalone novel about a professional American footballer.

Vi Keeland is married to a man she has known since they were both young children. When she was eight years old, he pushed her off her bicycle and she still has a scar from this day. She went on to marry him many years later. He works as a science teacher and together they now have three children. Keeland loves to travel with her family and regularly returns to her favourite place in the world, Santorini in Greece. She is an avid reader and can almost always be found with a book in one hand.