Book summary: A Shade of Kiev


From the million-bestselling author of the A Shade of Vampire series, comes an enchanting new tale of romance and intrigue...
They say women can't help adoring the dark, tormented antihero.
And it's true.
Until they meet me.
One look into my blood-red eyes, and they run screaming.
I have darkness and torment aplenty. More than enough to dig my claws into the chest of a woman I'm in love with, and rip out her heart with my bare hands.

You see, I'm a different breed of antihero than you've likely ever come across...
My name is Kiev Novalic. I am a vampire, and a murderer.
Having betrayed the trust of my own kind and that of the enemies I sold myself to, I have three days left to live.
I stare at the girl in the cell opposite mine.

Mona, she calls herself. A witch born without magic.
She might be my key to freedom, but I should know to stay away.
I should know: some scars are etched too deep to heal.
Can you handle the red-eyed monster?

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