Book summary: Arm Candy


Eden is the gorgeous, glamorous muse and lover of abstract painter Otto, who is much older than her. Twenty years ago, she was a struggling model, and she broke her own heart by choosing money and security over her doting boyfriend. Though Otto and Eden have been together since then and have a son, they never married, and Eden turns a blind eye to Otto’s dalliances in exchange for wealth and ease. Now that she is nearly 40, the arrangement doesn’t seem so appealing, and she leaves Otto. Not long after, she meets Chase Lydon, as blue-blooded a New Yorker as they come—and 11 years her junior. She loves the whirlwind new life, but just as their relationship blossoms, Eden’s first love comes back into her life. Eden isn’t sure if it’s her age or her ego, but she knows she is on the cusp of an important choice. Kargman’s third novel is a romance for anyone who has felt that age is just a number.

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