Book summary: Bloodline: Ahe'ey, Episode 5


"I'm probably not smart enough to appreciate all your glory. Must be because of my genes. Yes, I'm definitely struggling to appreciate it right now."

“Some Ange'el are a bit more powerful. Each one has their own set of capabilities and level of skill depending on the purity of their genes and their age. Some Ange'el can heal ya. Some can convince ya to do their will. Some know what you're thinking. Some can speak to you using only their minds, and Viviane ... well, Viviane can do it all."

“He, the most privileged, loved and spoiled of all creatures did not know how to cope with so much rage, hate and pain. His screams echoed through the belly of the mountain. His intense wailing attempted to pierce through the cold heart of his punisher without success.”

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