Book summary: Do No Harm


What would happen if a nation's blood supply were no longer safe? If a domestic terrorist decided to hijack the tens of thousands of blood transfusions that occur daily, spreading an illness that killed everyone it touched?

Joseph has the kind of life many people dream about: a challenging career, a house in the suburbs, and millions in the bank. But the one thing that the quiet research physician wants is the one thing he has never had: respect. So Joseph initiates Operation Respect, a nearly two year journey in which he creates a distributes a lethal virus into America's blood supply. Once people know what he is capable of, they'll be forced to respect him . . .

When the President of the United States asks you to do something, you generally do it. That is how Dr. Isaac Carlson finds himself leading a group of infectious disease experts that is tasked with defeating a mysterious illness which claims more and more lives with each passing day.

Will Joseph's evil scheme be successful? Or will Isaac and his team prevail?

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