Book summary: Married Women's Work


Excerpt from Married Women's Work, 1915: Being the Report of an Enquiry Undertaken by the Women's Industrial Council (Incorporated)
The enquiries on which this Report of the industrial work of married women and widows was based were made mainly during the years 1909 and 1910. The delay in the publication of the Report has been due to many causes, of which the latest is the European war. This delay is not one by which the book suffers, since up to the outbreak of war the conditions described continued to prevail. These conditions of Englishwomen's life and industry later events have shown to be unequal to the strain caused by the war. It is hoped that a detailed realisation of what these conditions were may be a real help towards that immense social reconstruction which is now seen to be needed.
The thanks of the Council are due to a large body of investigators who have visited personally every case recorded in this book. The remarkable accuracy of their information is evident from the fact that all these separate witnesses tell practically the same story. Nothing has struck me more in going over the whole of the papers than the similarity of the general facts. Of the reports each has been written in complete independence of any other, and their agreement can hardly fail to impress a careful reader.

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