Book summary: Messages From The Blue House


After having spent half a century abroad, sisters Felicia and Nina return to the house of their youth. It is only for the summer, the house has been sold and is one to be demolished. For the two sisters, however, this short period is one of fierce confrontation with one another and their past. The sisters have lead entirely different lives. As the wife of a diplomat Felicia has moved in society circles in many South American countries and has now retired to a chalet in Switzerland. Nina has led, certainly to her sister’s mind, a mysterious and adventurous life in Argentina. She has travelled about with a famous guitarist who was closely involved with the guerrilla movement.

After a number of articles and activities hostile to the regime she was arrested and eventually fled to Paris. She leads a bohemian life and earns a small income reading cards.

Their presence results in a confrontation between two young women in the village, with far-reaching consequences. The linking commentary by an anonymous villager contributes to the build-up of tension: the reader shares in the observations and knows more than those involved.

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