Book summary: Price of Life


All thirteen year old Luisa Dominguez wanted to do was escape the drug-riddled violence of her hometown in Honduras. She prayed every day: “God, take me away from here.” Then one day her wish came true. She would get to leave. Her ticket, though, came at a price: Luisa’s own mother had sold her into slavery.

Price of Life is the fictionalized account of the very real phenomenon of child sex slavery. Spanning two years, four countries, and seven different ‘owners,’ Luisa lives in a world that few know and even fewer want to admit still exists. Throughout her journey, the teenage girl must fight for her dignity, her life, and her soul – all the while knowing that her days and nights belong to someone else.

Amidst a world of gangs, drugs, and violence, join this brave young woman on her struggle for survival and for an answer to the question: can you put a price tag on a life?

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