Book summary: Tales of Fashionable Life


They would have remembered me so long! poor people!" said lady Clonbrony. "I thought all in Ireland must, have forgotten me; it is now so long since I was at home." "You are not forgotten in Ireland by any rank, I can answer for that. Return home, my dearest mother--let me see you once more among your natural friends, beloved, respected, happy!" "O, return! let us return home!" cried miss Nugent, with a voice of great emotion. "Return, let us return home !*-- My beloved aunt, speak to us!--say that you grant our request!" She kneeled beside lord Colambre, as she spoke. "Is it possible to resist that voice that look ?" thought lord Colambre. "If any body knew," said lady Clonbrony, "if any body could conceive, how I detest the sight, the thoughts of that old yellow damask furniture, in the drawing-room at Clonbrony Castle--" "Good Heavens!" criedlord Colambre, starting up, and looking at his mother in stupefied astonishment; "Is that what you are thinking of, ma'am?" "The yellow damask furniture!" said her niece, smiling. "03 if that's all, that shall never offend your eyes again. Aunt, my painted velvet chairs are finished; and trust the furnishing that room to me. The legacy lately left me cannot be better applied--you shall see how beautifully it will be furnished." "O, if I had money, I should like to do it myself; but it would take an immensity to new furnish Clonbrony Castle properly." "The furniture in this house," said miss Nugent, looking round-- "Would do a great deal towards it, I declare," cried lady Clonbrony; "that never struck me before, Grace, I protest --and what would not suit, one might sell or exchange here--and it would be a great amusement to me--and I should like to set the fashion of something better in that country. And I declare, now, I should like to see it.

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