Book summary: The Company of Wolves


The wolves in the winter forest are hungry.
A young girl sets off through the forest to her granny's house.
On her journey a stranger appears and walks along with her, challenging her to a race to granny's house. It is agreed that he can kiss her if he wins.
The stranger arrives at granny's house and pretends to be the girl to trick the old woman into inviting him inside. Stripping naked, he turns into a wolf and eats her. He then disguises himself with granny's nightcap and waits for the girl to arrive.
The young girl arrives and is trapped by the man. The house is surrounded by howling wolves.
She strips off her clothes and burns them in the fire. She kisses the stranger, takes off his shirt and burns it, thus making the man completely into a wolf.
Christmas Day arrives and the blizzard outside dies down. The fearless girl sleeps in granny's bed with the wolf.

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