Book summary: The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck, A Romance


The book opens immediately after the Battle of Bosworth on August 22, 1485. Three knights are fleeing from the battle, Sir Henry Stafford, Lord Lovel, and Edmund Plantagent, although the latter two are not identified until they split from Stafford and arrive at a church. All three are members of the defeated Yorkist contingency.

With the aid of John de la Poole, the Earl of Lincoln, Lovel and Edumund are involved in spiriting away Richard, Duke of York into the hands of Mynheer Jahn Warbeck, a Flemish moneylender who had previously housed him and pretended that Richard was his deceased son, Perkin Warbeck. This is not considered safe enough for the youth at the present time, so it is arranged for Richard to go with Madeline de Faro, Warbeck's 25-year-old sister. Madeline is married to mariner Hernan de Faro, and the two have a daughter named Monina, and Richard and Monina develop a strong sibling bond, Richard aware he could never marry a commoner. It is she who rescues and nurses him back to health after his first taste of battle in the Granada War.

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