Book summary: The Letters of Katherine Mansfield


This extremely rare First Edition 2 Volume Set from Constable & Co. London (1928) marked a huge milestone in great literature via the genre of Belle Lettres. But these are not just any letters. Katherine Mansfield has been hailed as one of the greatest writers in the 20th century, and in her short life, she humbled the likes of Virginia Woolf and others world-wide with her resolve to write out her life in short stories, critical reviews, journals and these most personal letters while dying (literally) of consumption - mostly alone, abandoned, even by her own husband, J. Middleton Murry. These volumes are the ones the public at the time received from the publisher that made such a sensation and at long last made her name as one of the literary greats - never to be forgotten. Brave, tough, brilliant and yet so sensitive to the smallest speck of beauty in this world. No one has ever taken her place.

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