Book summary: The Scrapbook of Katherine Mansfield


Here is the last collection of Katherine Mansfield's ""literary remains"" -- treasure trove for her many admirers, and an essential item for those who have followed this finest artist since Henry James (in the pure sense of the word). There are ""finished and unfinished stories, quotations, odd observations, intimate confessions, unposted letters, stray sentences crammed up like some rich thievery"" -- all a reflection of the artist and the woman. They reveal her aesthetic beliefs as well as her critical, they show the way she worked, her ability to seize an impression and convey it; they trace the sharp conflict between the outer and inner world, growing more acute as her illness progressed; they indicate her tortured relationship with Murry, and her persistent faith in an ultimate reconciliation. There is a sensitivity and a purity to these fragments which defy others to equal them... The market? -- All Katherine Mansfield enthusiasts; all who are seeking relief from the haphazard style of most modern writing. There is as much non-fiction as fiction, so don't consider this an arbitrary classification. A book not for quick turnover but for a long life.

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