Book summary: The Sherwood Game


Carl Sherwood had always dreamed of being a swashbuckling hero. Alas, buckling that old swash is not so easy when the word "computer geek" could have been coined just for you. And what's the use of being the sharpest AI software wizard at Manifest Inc.—purveyor of andromechs to the gentry, and the big player in virtual reality—when your social life consists of a VR suit and a six pack?

But if Carl's real life scenario is a bust, his VR life is getting richer by the minute. Deep in the company computing system lurk the components of Carl's special baby, "The Sherwood Game," complete with its self-aware main character, Robin Hood. Carl tells himself he's just working all the bugs out before he reports the results to his boss, but the truth is, he could sooner part with a chunk of his own flesh and blood.

Which is what Robin will make him do before this game is done…

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