Book summary: The Unfinished Garden


Tilly Silverberg dreams of returning to England but can survive in rural North Carolina, provided people and snakes bugger off and leave her alone with her young son. Remorse over a decision she made for her dying husband haunts her but she can deal—if she’s elbows deep in dirt.

When James Nealy speeds into her woodland nursery to praise her gardens—so perfect, so controlled—and to offer her a landscaping job, Tilly says no. James, however, needs Tilly’s help to conquer the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that estranged him from his family. James’s plan? Face his greatest fear: dirt.

Tilly tries to ignore him, until a personal crisis twists remorse into unrelenting guilt and only James understands. As they become allies, Tilly realizes she must confront her own darkest terror: that love will always end in loss.

Together, they discover each one’s fear is the other’s salvation.

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