Book summary: Whispers of Goodbye


Karen White, who made her debut with her paranormal time-travel romance In the Shadow of the Moon,, creates a darkly dramatic gothic romance for Candleglow. Tragedy has shadowed Catherine deClaire Reed's life. The War Between the States ruined her home and left her penniless -- and she has lost both her
husband and her young son. When she receives a letter from her beloved sister Elizabeth, whom she hasn't seen since Elizabeth's marriage to a Yankee before the war, she's eager to open it,
hoping it will remind her of happier times. She's chilled by the desperate plea within that longed for letter: a message begging Catherine to come to the Louisiana plantation Whispering Oaks, because Elizabeth is desperately afraid. By the time Catherine arrives, however, Elizabeth has disappeared, and it soon becomes clear that deadly secrets linger at her sister's southern home. As Catherine struggles to discover her sister's fate, and protect Elizabeth's child, she must decide who to trust among the strangers who surround her -- with only her heart as her guide.

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