Book summary: Wishful Kisses: A Fountain of Love Novella


How do you convince the man you love to believe the impossible?
Poor Kimberly has spent her entire life pining for a man that will never return her affections. After spending a fantastic week in the summer of 1990 together, handsome and charming Tony Frontera made a promise that he would return to Kim after Operation Desert Storm. Unfortunately, he broke that promise when he was killed in action.

Kim spent the next two decades trying to fill the hole that he left in her life, but it never happened. Despite a rewarding career, she never found true happiness, the happiness that she should have had with Tony...

When the Fountain of Love suddenly grants her deepest wish, she finds herself back in 1990 in her old body, able to change the hand that fate dealt her. However, the power of the fountain is limited- in order to change Tony's fate, she must do the impossible. Although she had dreamt about saving Tony, she never thought about how she would do it. With only your words, how do you convince your soul mate that you are from the future? How do you tell them to abandon their country and leave everyone they know behind?

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